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Healthy Snack – Yogurt Parfait Cups

Since the advent of the Yoplait cups in the grocery aisle in the ‘80s yogurt has looked to project itself as a health food – a great snack you can feel good about.  Yogurt does have many benefits. Most 6 oz. servings contain about 20% of the DV of calcium.  Varieties with active cultures contain bacteria beneficial to your gastrointestinal system and to prevention of yeast infections (yuck!).

Unfortunately, most also include added sugar or artificial sweeteners.     One of the better choices, Dannon Light ‘n Fit gets only 47% of its calories from sugar due to artificial sweetener that also keeps the calories down to 60. 

I love yogurt but found those packages with the extra sugar didn’t really satisfy.  One reason is the lack of any real fruit.  My solution for a healthy delicious morning snack (this would work for a quick breakfast too) is to prepare my own yogurt cups.  Seriously, it takes about 5 minutes to prep 5 cups for a week. 

Here is the procedure.  I buy a large container of fat-free Greek yogurt.  I don’t have tummy troubles but do workout so I appreciate the extra protein in the Greek yogurt.  Then I use those Ziploc brand 1 cup reusable plastic containers – line then up and plop about ½ cup into each.  Just eyeball it. 


Then I pop the tops on and load them in the refrigerator. 


Meanwhile, I keep frozen fruit – blueberries, mixed berries, strawberries – in a plastic pourable container in the freezer.


In the morning as I pack my lunch, I grab one yogurt and pour in about ½ cup of fruit to fill the container. 


By the time I’m ready for a snack around 10 or 10:30, the fruit is just thawed enough to enjoy and mix in to the yogurt.  For an extra boost, keep some ground flaxseed in your desk and sprinkle on some.  I find that the fruit adds enough sweetness that I don’t need to add any other sweeteners.

The calorie count – about 110 – is less than many 6 oz store bought yogurts but gives you more fiber and antioxidants with the fruit.  I find this satisfies me until lunch. 


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A few pictures from our Hatteras Island trip in June

Cape Hatteras Light

Frankie studying Townsend under the tent


Jon fighting for position on the racetrack


Sunset at the sound

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Its Us Against the Groundhog

This year we decided to plant corn in two week intervals which turned out to be a good idea – I think. Just like last year, about the time the corn was almost ready….. tragedy struck. A groundhog. Again. These animals are amazing. This garden is surrounded by 6 foot deer fencing. And a battery operated electric fence. Now the fence is obviously not strong enough to deter this groundhog. If you’ve ever been duped into touching a shock pen – its about that level of discomfort. These groundhogs don’t bother digging under the fence. No they climb over the fence and then they go to town. The first time this groundhog got it – he took out the first two rows that we just ready for harvesting. Two rows of Ambrosia sweet corn. The battle was on. Live trap – he doesn’t go for it. Fill in his hole. He comes back. Just in time to get the next two rows…..

Well fortunately Brian knows how to take care of these critters. This one bit the dust. See how fat he is!

Fat Groundhog bites the dust

Today, I pulled out all the stalks that with eaten corn cobs. I found one piece of perfect corn. Brian and I split it with dinner tonight. Best corn I’ve ever had. No wonder that groundhog ate so much!

Ears of corn eaten by groundhog

We have two more rows of corn that are tasseling now and just starting to form ears. Hopefully we will get to eat it before another groundhog visits!

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Birthday Weekend in Williamsburg

For Brian’s birthday we spent a weekend in Williamsburg, touring Shirley plantation, downtown Colonial Williamsburg and a few of the buildings at William and Mary.

Susan on steps of Wren Building

(Minor) British Invasion of Williamsburg

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