Week of January 13 Meal Plan

Ok, I forgot to mention last week that my plan never ends up being exactly reality because I often have to make adjustments.  Last week, the Mexican Baked Cod got bumped – I pushed that one to this week since it doesn’t require much that will spoil.

Today, we had lunch out, so I just made a simple soup for dinner while the boys had leftovers from the restaurant.

Sunday – Hearty Tomato Soup, made this the first time tonight, it was good but only if you really like tomatoes!
Monday – Mexican baked cod, steamed broccoli in bag
Tuesday – Bolognese Meatloaf Cupcakes, green beans
Wednesday – Cauliflower and Red Lentil Curry (I have been making this for years, reduce the spices if you have little ones, you can always sprinkle more cayenne on yours) over rice
Thursday – Chicken Vegetable Soup (from freezer)
Friday – Bowtie pasta with Ham (will try to post this later, have not tried before), side salad

A few items to note:

1. I try to have soup once a week. Most soup recipes make enough for my family to freeze half for a really easy dinner on another week.
2. Each meal usually only has one item that requires work. So I a few easy sides on hand, like the steamable vegetables or a can of green beans, corn, etc.


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